Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where did it end?

where is the end of the being
the end of our ability
to feel,
to dream,
to hope

where is the end of humanity
the end of our ability
to help,
to share,
to dare

people complain that they have no time
but yet, they live as if certain things could be left to tomorrow
"in the future I'll do this, I'll have that!"
What are you doing today, to make that happen?
What kind of person are you beeing today?
What are your priorities?

we often live as if we have plenty of time,
plenty of choices...
how many days do we have to waste?
How many chances?
How many lives?

this rushed world makes us experts
on making a thin circle
that put us, even more far from others,
more far from what we wanna be,
and from life too...
as it was at the begining.

Where did it end?
our ability to give,
to forgive,
to believe!